About ME

The Crafter

The Crafter

  • a blogger, a photographer, a crocheter/beader/crafter.
  • a dreamer.
  • a wife and a mom.
  • in love with colors.
  • amazed at how beauty seems to hide in even the most simple things.
  • trying to find my own balanced way.

Hey you!
Thank you for paying a visit to my little crafty haven.

I’m a proud self-taught stitcher & beader! I learned crochet and beading with the use of how-to books, internet, youtube videos with encouragement and support from my online friend, Lorie.

Crocheting / Beading is more than just a hobby – it is a therapy, stress relief, and a creative outlet for me. Nothing is better at melting away the day’s stresses than a soft ball of yarn with my favorite crochet hook, semi-precious stones, wires & metal findings with my different type of pliers.

Crafting makes me happy, it puts me in a better mood and it does me good… That’s why I sooo heart it!

Hope you’ll enjoy the place and have a pleasant time here….!

PS: I love reading your comments… So feel free to leave one, it’ll definitely make my day!

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